Member Meetings

Meetings of Society membership are typically scheduled at 8:00 p.m. on the Friday nearest to the Full Moon each month, and are held at Schoonover Observatory (unless otherwise indicated). Society members are encouraged to attend as many meetings as their schedule will allow.

What occurs at members meetings?

  • Reports from the board and discussion of Society business and events.
  • Astronomy discussion at all levels, and sharing of observations and techniques.
  • Training on software, equipment, and systems used by the Society.
  • Periodic programs on advanced astronomy topics and techniques.
  • Members-only observing at Schoonover Observatory.

Aside from conducting the business of the organization, many look forward to meetings as a chance to catch-up with friends and associates, and for the opportunity to engage in discussion about their passion for astronomy and astrophotography.

The Lima Astronomical Society is also responsible for custodial services and minor upkeep at Schoonover Observatory. Members are encouraged to pitch-in every few meetings to keep the observatory clean and presentable; making it an enjoyable place to be for all.

Are Society meetings open to the public?

Yes, they are. Anyone interested in learning more about the Society is welcome to attend a members meeting, ask questions, and see what the Society is all about it.

Does public observing occur at meetings?

No, public observing is held separate from regular members meetings. Check our events calendar for upcoming public observing dates, and our Public Observing and Programs page for more information.