Monthly Meetings

Club meetings occur on the first Friday of each month beginning at 8:00pm at Schoonover Observatory. Stop by to see what we’re up to, do some observing if the skies are clear, or take in an astronomy presentation by a member or guest speaker.

2023 Summer Viewing Program

The Lima Astronomical Society’s summer viewing begins in June and occurs every Friday night at dusk (near 9:00pm). Join us for discussions about astronomy and space, learn about the constellations, and observe through the primary telescope in the observatory dome.

We welcome people of all ages a chance to see a close-up view of the beauty of the night sky. Weather permitting, we regularly view the planets, nebulae, star clusters, and galaxies.

Need help with your telescope? Bring it with you and let us give you a hand!

We recommend dressing appropriately for the weather at the time of your visit, as the dome is not climate-controlled.

Please note, our primary telescope is on the second floor of the observatory, and climbing a short flight of stairs will be necessary to enter the dome.

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