Purpose Statement:

The purpose of the Lima Astronomical Society shall be to promote and stimulate interest in astronomy and related sciences; provide education in astronomy and related sciences; operate and, in conjunction with the City of Lima, maintain facilities at Schoonover Observatory; conduct research in astronomy and related sciences; and seek funding to facilitate the above activities.

How we strive to achieve this Purpose:

The Society meets monthly on the first Friday of every month at 8:00 PM at Schoonover Observatory in Lima, Ohio. Our meetings are open to the public. At our meetings we host speakers, present programs, or show videos on astronomy or science related topics. After the program, if the weather permits, we open the dome and observe almost anything beyond the Earth’s atmosphere. We commonly view planets, the Moon, stars, star clusters, galaxies, nebula, and comets with our 14″ telescope. We also view satellites and meteors without optical aid.

In the Summer we open the dome every Friday night for public viewing. During this time we continue to offer programs on the first Friday of the month.

Members also provide additional opportunities for the public to view at other times based on arrangements made with society members. We also host other outreach events that include looking at the Sun through a solar filter and some of the planets while the sun is up.